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Polarity Therapy

At Connect Within Bodywork For Women, I provide a variety of services designed to help you feel and be your best. My reiki sessions are tailored to your individual needs and provide a calming, healing experience. My clients have reported a wide range of benefits, such as decreased stress, improved physical and emotional wellbeing, and increased energy. I am passionate about helping people find balance and harmony in their lives.

Polarity Therapy is truly a complementary science. It recognizes that energy has to move from a positive to a negative pole, through a neutral field.  This concept was applied by Dr. Stone to the human constitution. This scientific law is fundamental to the movement of energy throughout the universe and the earth around us: it manifests in our physical body as energetic currents which Dr. Stone referred to as the Wireless Anatomy of Man.

Polarity Therapy works on many different levels: subtle energy, nervous, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, gynecological (excellent in pregnancy and after-care) and at emotional and mental levels. It has been found useful in dealing with many varied and different expressions of disease by unlocking the holding patterns that create the symptoms.*   Polarity teaches us that pain and discomfort is a signal for us to learn, change, and realign our lives.
*UK Polarity Therapy Association*

Benefits of Polarity Therapy
Polarity Therapy has helped clients who suffer from:


  • Neck, sacral and spinal pain

  • Carpal tunnel and other repetitive motion pain

  •  Hip and lower back pain

  • Fatigue, stress, depression and emotional distress

  • Grief and life transitions

  • Infertility

  •  Pregnancy and post pregnancy

  • Emotional Insight

  • Pain relief and overall muscular tightness

What happens in a Polarity Session?
The session will begin with a conversation which determines the focus of the energetic bodywork.  Sessions usually take 70-90 minutes, do not require disrobing and involve both touch and verbal interaction.


  • You relax on a bodywork table.

  • Several components of deep or light bodywork movement as described in the following section are employed.

  • The session will end with relaxation and meditation techniques to allow the body to integrate the effect of the  session.

  • Often self-care exercises and polarity yoga stretches are suggested to help you build a tool box of healthy ways  of assisting pain and discomfort.

In listening to your body, Suzi uses a series of subtle and/or deep qualities of touch which allows your system to seek balance. This process can be relaxing and restorative; it can also allow emotional and personal issues to surface and become clearer.


  • Rocking

  • Stretching

  • Acupressure Points

  • Myofacial Release Stretches

  • Holding

Energy work
Specific places of pain and tension on the body are held by Suzi with a subtle easy touch.  You may feel:


  • Relaxation

  • Tingling

  • Wavelike movement

  • Stillness

  • Inner wisdom realization

  • Quiet mind

  • Profound Relaxation

Awareness/Process Skills
A Polarity Therapist will allow the client's own inherent "knowing" to emerge in its own time by building a secure therapeutic relationship. This increased awareness, together with the release of unconscious tissue memory, enables you to realize your own potential. Suzi encourages clients to understand themselves and to deepen into their body mind connection for self trust, empowerment and understanding.

Polarity Yoga
Often self care exercises are suggested to help empower you to develop strategies for improved health.  Polarity yoga exercises are easy stretching postures that combine self-massage and breathing techniques.
Origins of Polarity Therapy
This approach to health and healing, developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (chiropractor, naturopath and osteopathic physician) employs a profound system that blends both eastern and western concepts of health. It deals with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically, by helping the body to heal itself naturally.

Polarity Therapy is a non-diagnostic holistic health system supplementing and supporting your medical treatment.

What My Clients Say

Assorted Crystals

Client with Abdominal Scar Tissue



Thank you so much for checking on me. 

I slept well, have far less pain and almost no belching issues. Yesterday’s time with you was truly a blessing.  

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