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Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang offers a unique and powerful service of Taoist Abdominal Massage designed to provide deep healing by working directly on internal dysfunctions and energy blocks. This massage helps to activate the body's own healing power, restoring balance and vitality. Clients report feeling more grounded, energized and relaxed after their session.

What is Chi Nei Tsang treatment? 

The practitioner will begin the treatment with gentle and precise touches to your abdomen to discern the best way to help you feel better, as she or he guides you in breathing mindfully into the areas they are working with. You may experience a deep sense of relaxation and re-connection with yourself on a physical and emotional level during the treatment. The treatment will last approximately one hour; you may even fall asleep, and this too is part of the therapeutic experience. The practitioner will conclude the treatment by giving you advice and simple self-care exercises that you can do at home to support and maintain your well-being.

Taoist sages observed that humans often develop energy blockages in and around their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in the abdomen. These can constrict the flow of chi, eventually resulting in physical ailments. By expreiencing Chi Nei Tsang  techniques of navel and deep organ energy massage you may release and clear blockages, toxins, excessive heat and negative emotions.

What has happened during the treatment will vary depending on your needs and circumstances; your experience of change, or healing, may occur during the treatment or it may occur in the days and even weeks following the treatment. In healing, we cannot separate the mind from the body. Each symptom, mental or physical, has a meaning and that meaning is emotionally charged. Emotions are carried in the body as energetic charges which need to be processed physically. They manifest in significant locations in bodily structures such as joints and muscle groups, to be expressed by bodily attitudes. These energetic charges require digestion and their level of processing can be traced throughout the length of the digestive system.

Plan to wear comfortable clothing and eat and drink normally before your appointment - do not fast. 

What conditions does Chi Nei Tsang address?


It is important to emphasize that the Chi Nei Tsang practitioner does not treat symptoms, nor does Chi Nei Tsang attempt an allopathic cure for illness. Chi Nei Tsang addresses the whole person, regarding no difference between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing or well-being.  


In that way, Chi Nei Tsang can be of particular benefit to some of the more intractable contemporary problems, such as sleep disorders, digestive disorders involving the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, etc., challenges to fertility, nervous disorders such as anxiety and depression, musculoskeletal problems of undetermined origin, and auto-immune disorders such as Lupus and chronic fatigue. Additionally, Chi Nei Tsang can help to speed healing from injury or trauma, including obstetrical and surgical trauma.  


Again, Chi Nei Tsang does not attempt to treat symptoms or cure an illness; rather it is a system designed to precipitate change by bringing awareness to the internal organs of the body, thus inducing the body to heal. In that way, Chi Nei Tsang addresses every condition of a person, whether manifested physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

What My Clients Say

Assorted Crystals

Client with Abdominal Scar Tissue



Thank you so much for checking on me. 

I slept well, have far less pain and almost no belching issues. Yesterday’s time with you was truly a blessing.  

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